• Blankets

The blanket is a key consumable, an intermediary between the image on the plate and the ink on the paper. Blanket performance is critical to finished results. Printers must choose the right surface texture and

blanket performance for the results they want.​​​

  • Loupe / Eye Glass

  • Resins

  • Powder spray

  • Pastes​​​


  • CTP Thermal Positive Plates

Computer to Plate Technology has revolutionised the Print World.

Infrared Laser exposure reactive Thermal plates are at the forefront.

We offer wholesale export solutions to such requirements.

Minimum order quantity = 200 CTP Plates per size. All sizes are available.

  • Testing Instrument

        GSM Tester​                                    


PH Tester



BF Tester

  • Heidelberg Rollers full sets​

  • Rollers for Lamination machines

  • Knives for Polar Guillotines

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